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44th  Year The Courts of Sherborne School Sunday  26 August SHERBORNE HISTORIC VEHICLE RALLY                                               2018

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Click  these thumbnails to see an enlarged photo of the 2017 prizewinners. Copies of these .jpg  files and other photos from the web site can be obtained  on request by  emailing the Request Form (right). The photo will be  provided via the return email address free of charge.  


2017 Prize Winners

Master Class

 J Brewster


 Mr J Orford


 Mr J Ryley

Vintage (2nd)

 Mr P Card

Post Vintage

 Mr A Wheatley

Post Vintage (2nd)

 Mr J Duggleby

Post War

 Mr D Whittaker

Post War  (2nd)

 Mr G Millington

Classic 60’s

 Mr D Gray

Classic 60’s (2nd)

 Mr B Heath

Most Original

Mr G Davies


 Mr D Porter

Best Overall

 Mr J Ryley


 Mr P Manley

Commercial  (2nd)

 Mr J House

Post War

 Mr L Pickford

Post War (2nd)

M Chipperfield

Classic 70’s

Mr Fitzgerald

Motorcar Winners

Motorcycle Winners

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Classic 70’s (2nd)

Mr Panter

Most Original

Mr L Jamieson

Best Overall

M Chipperfield


Mr M Phillips

Best Sidecar

Mr Jenkins

Best Sidecar (2nd)

Mr Jeffries

Most Suitable


Mrs A Le Flufy

Mail: kgeoffreybannister@gmail.com?subject=2017 SHVR Photo Request&body=Photo /JPG  request Form
To request a jpg file copy please provide the information below.  Uncompressed files are 3 to 4 Mb and compressed files are about 170Kb. The file will be emailed to the email  address provided as soon as possible after request submission.

Contact Phone No:
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Photo(s) Required:
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