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44th  Year The Courts of Sherborne School Sunday  26th August SHERBORNE HISTORIC VEHICLE RALLY                                               2018

Event Details

The competitors assemble in the Sherborne School Courts for an optional 40 mile road run starting at 11:00am and return to the school Concours where judging will commence at 2:00pm. The prize giving ceremony will be held at 4:00pm and all competitors will receive a brass rally plaque.

The Entry Fee includes:

-  Optional 40 mile run at 11:00am. Entrants will be issued with route details and instructions.

-  Trophy for the oldest car and motorcycle that participates in the road run.

-  Tea Ticket

   -  Prize for the most appropriately dressed vehicle occupants

   -  Master Class for Car Class winners from the last two years.

-  Souvenir Programme with a list of entries

-  Commemorative brass rally plaque

-  Concourse (Judging starts at 2:00pm)

-  Prize Giving Ceremony at 4pm.

Entry Regulations

-  Click HERE to see the Entry Regulations.

Entry Fees

-  Click HERE to see the 2017 entry fees. Note that this is for guidance only as the fees may be revised for the 2018 event


  -  Click HERE to see the trophies that can be won at the 2018 Sherborne Historic Vehicle Rally.

Entry Forms

- 2018 Entry Forms will  be available to download from this web site early in 2018.  One entry form will be required for each vehicle entered.

-  Completed forms with payment (Cheques payable to Rotary Clubs of Sherborne - Rally A/C) should be   returned with a Stamped Addressed Envelope to:

Chris MacAdie,  84 Quarr Lane Park,  Sherborne,  Dorset,  DT9 4JA

-   Confirmation of entry will be sent by email to those who have provided their email address details.  This will include an attachment to be printed. As this is a Charity event we would appreciate a SAE for  postal confirmations of entry.